THAKOOR DOL starters are manually operated Direct-On-Line push button starter,Basic type SB is acompact & verstile switchgear suitable for non-reversing control of 5.5KW,415V,3 phase or 1.5KW,230V,1 phase squirrel cage induction motor of any type.

This starter is suitable for utilization category AC-3(non-reversible)intermittent duty(12 operating cycles per hour) as per IS:13947.

THAKOOR L.T.Control switches are Cam operated basic type M25 & M63 are built up from uniform switching packets assembled to form a stack.

Each packet carries 2 fixed contacts accessible from outside & 2 moving contacts inside the packet.The switches are capable of rotating either in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

These switches can also be tailor-made as per switching sequence desired by the customers.These switches are used for programme control of machinetools,switchboards, control panels etc.

THAKOOR Reverse Forward switchesare 16Amps Air-Break,Lever-operated & are designed to provide reliable & efficient control of industrial motors.The switches have exceptionally long life of switching cycles.The switches are capable of continuous duty giving as much as 200 switching operations per hour.The switches are suitable for projection mounting on Machine-tools such as Lathes,Drill presses,Threading Machines,Band Saws,Grinders,Press Brakes,Switch Boards,Control Panels etc.










THAKOOR Rotary switchesare designed for ON LOAD switching & facilitate choice of multiposition & multipole circuits.The applications are for isolation,selection & auxiliary switching of resistive & inductive circuits.These switches are available in 10 to 100Amps,AC & DC.  

THAKOOR Foot switches are available in Light,Medium & Heavy duty in Aluminum Pressure Die-Casting body.

The programme available is Push to ON Release to OFF,Contacts are 1NO+1NC,10A-250VAC for Light & Medium duty switches & 10A-250VAC & 10A-500VAC for Heavy duty switch.