Minilec Protection & Monitoring Relays


VSPD1 Phase Failure, Unbalance,
Phase Sequence,
Auto Reset, Fixed Unbalance Setting
1 CO output Relay





Phase Failure, Unbalance,
Phase Sequence,
Auto / Manual / Remote Reset
Adjustable Unbalance Setting,
2 CO output Relay


ALVD2 Phase Failure, Unbalance,
Phase Sequence, under voltage,
Over Voltage, Auto Reset,
Fixed unbalance setting,
Adjustable UV/OV settings,
2 CO output relay




3-Phase 3-Wire & 4-Wire Under & Over voltage,
Auto/Manual Reset,
Adjustable under / over voltage settings,
Adjustable trip delay & ON delay,
2 CO output relay



Earth fault/Ground fault monitoring of 3 phase systems, Manual Reset,
Input 1A or 5A through CBCT,
Adjustable earth fault trip setting,
Adjustable trip delay,
2 CO relay output




Phase Failure, Unbalance, Phase sequence and overloading
Auto / Manual Reset,
Adjustable current trip settings,
Selectable characteristics,
1CO / 2CO output relay



Phase Failure
Phase sequence
Overloading and Dry running Auto / Manual Reset
Adjustable current trip settings
Selectable overload characteristics
1CO/2CO output relay


Sensing motor winding temperature through PTC Thermistors.
Winding overheating, sensor short, sensor open faults.
Suitable for single, triple or 6/9/12 PTC’s





Microcontroller based Multi-function timer (On delay, interval delay, cyclic, star-delta, Engine starting)
Time range upto 100 Hrs
2x1CO output relays





Single tank – 2 level control relay
Suitable for conductive liquids
Sensitivity adjustment
1CO output relay.
Also can be used as moisture controls relay.



Smallest size of single phasing preventer Single phasing, reverse phasing, unbalanced supply
Auto reset, 1 NO output contact suitable for any HP/kW rating monoblock pumps
Supply Voltage : 415 VAC ± 20%, 50 Hz ± 3%
Suitable for 3 Ph. equipments
Agricultural Pump Starters.
3 Ph. Split AC machines.
Hoist Motor Control
Valve Actuator Motor
Machine Tools
Injection Molding M/c