Power Capacitors & TTB

MALDE Power Capacitors are designed on FLIM+PAPER+FOIL technology which is very reliable & long working life design.In this design generally 6 micron aluminium foil is used as a conducting plate which is almost 300 times thicker than the coating of metal in MPP design.Dielectric thickness for this design is more than 16 microns.MALDE capacitors are designed to withstand high peak transient or harmonic currents. MALDE gives 2 years guarantee against any fall in output of its capacitors.


NELSTER WELCON Test terminal blocks offers convenience in testing/calibration of electronic plyphase integrated meters,protective relays etc, without distrupting the existing load circuit.Housed in ahigh grade phenolic moulding with integrally moulded barriers,it offers ample protection against flash-over between terminals.NELSTER WELCOn TTB are CPRI Tested & PGCIL approved.