Alarm Annunciator

Alarm Annuciator

MINILEC Alarm Annunciators
are suitable for panels in following Applications:

  • Process Plant,
  • Diesel Generators,
  • Control Rooms,
  • C & R Panel
  • Material handling Systems
  • Instrumentation Panel
  • Battery Charger panel
  • Compressor control panel

The Functional Features:

  • Fixed Sequence ( S1/S2/S3/S4)
  • Potential free dry contact inputs
  • NO/NC inputs selectable configuration
  • Relay output for external Audible Hooter 3rd Relay optional for either of below mentioned features
  • a) Ring back hooter
  • b) Supervisory control
  • Minilec Standard Communication Protocol

The Design Features :

  • Single chip microcontroller logic
  • Opto isolated inputs and outputs
  • Super Bright LED window illumination
  • High Noise immunity / isolation
  • Switch mode power supply
  • Self surveillance watchdog LED

The Constructional Flexibility
Conforming to DIN panel cutouts
Replaceable snap-on window capsules
Two different window size
Molded enclosures

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